Shobha Guggari


        a woman in a yellow sari

        Shobha Guggari describes her job as “gate keeper.” That is because she is responsible for ensuring that customers are delivered the correct, high quality products each and every time.

        To do so requires extensive knowledge of complex aviation systems, including landing gear, critical fire support systems, emergency flight control systems, as well as other sophisticated electrical and mechanical components.

        She prepared herself for her current position as quality assurance executive by earning a diploma in electronics. “Our operations are centered on electronic parts,” says Shobha. “So you must have expertise in that field if you want to understand the work and progress in your career.”

        With her electronics background, Shobha has become a key troubleshooter, often solving productivity and quality issues before they become problems. “My studies taught me the latest trends in electronics testing and how UTC Aerospace Systems can benefit from them,” she says.

        Like many employee scholars, she describes feeling proud, confident and empowered by her Employee Scholar Program experience. “Learning is the essence of life,” she says. “The ESP widened all of the dimensions in my life, both personal and professional. You miss all of the shots you don’t take so I encourage everyone to participate in the ESP.”

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