Collins Aerospace Employees in Shanghai Keep Beaches Clean

        Collins Aerospace employee beach cleanup

        Employees from Collins Aerospace facilities in Shanghai participated in their second annual ZERO Waste workshop and volunteer beach clean-up at Nanhui Zui Beach. 51 employees from three different offices came together with their families to remove an estimate of 131 kilograms (or 289 pounds) of trash from the beach. According to data provided from Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center, more than 55 percent of the trash was plastic. 

        “I am very happy that my child was able to join me in this volunteer activity,” says Mingkun Yu, a Collins Aerospace employee volunteer. “Through the pre-event training, she realized how much impact the irresponsible discharge of waste has on marine creatures. This understanding empowered her to work very hard with me and the other volunteers to clean the beach.”

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